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48593 Seaside View Rd., Ridge, MD 20680

Seaside View entrance Welcome to Seaside View Recreational Park! We are located in rural southern Maryland, some 1 1/2 or 2 hours drive from the Washington, DC area, 2 (or a little more) hours from the Baltimore, MD area and 3 or 4 hours from Richmond, VA. Area Map
view of river from the dock - need If you are arriving by boat, enter St. Mary's River just north and west of Point Lookout. Almost immediately bear to starboard into Smith Creek and starboard again into Jutland Creek. Follow Jutland Creek to a sharp bend to starboard. You will find our piers just around the corner on the starboard side. Nautical Chart
another area view - need This is old St. Mary's county. Think watermen, blue crabs, rock fish, an easy-going lifestyle. Think oysters, sailing, sunbathing and swimming in the creek.

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