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pier with power boats Well maintained piers with 5 feet* of water (4 feet at mean low tide) provide transient or seasonal tie-ups for your power boat or sailboat. We are located on a very protected area at the head of Jutland Creek, approximately two miles from the Potomac River and 8 miles north of Point Lookout. *Water depth will vary some with tide and local conditions.
pier with sailboat For assignment of berths and assistance with tying up, call 301-872-4141 on your cell phone or hail the Seaside View dockmaster via VHF channel 16.
boat ramp If dining at the Seaside View restaurant, there is no charge for dock space. Transient rates are $10.00 per day. Monthly and summer rates are available. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail query.

Call Sea Side View Today for more information at 301-872-4141